Security must be the first priority if you are having something valuable. Similarly, for the security of your homes and businesses, investing in a CCTV camera is not a bad choice by any means. The security cameras come in handy if there is a burglary or any mishappening.

Choosing a suitable and reliable CCTV camera according to your requirements has always been a tough decision for most people out there. Hence, we will be mentioning some of the Best CCTV cameras in India. But, before buying, you must consider looking some specs:

  • Camera Field of View: Basically, it is the measure of how much field view a camera can cover. If the field of view is larger, and the angles are greater, the camera will be able to record more widely. A camera with a larger field of view is always a better pick as it can cover more area.
  • Resolution: Another essential aspect to look for while buying a camera is its resolution. As it is solely responsible for the picture quality that you will be getting from that camera. You can choose the resolution according to your needs from a variety of 1080p, 720p, and 480p.
  • Type of Lenses: For CCTV cameras, two kinds of lenses are available. While you can adjust one kind of lenses according to your needs, the other ones are generally fixed.